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Superhero Science

Superhero Science Inspring curiostly, creativity and wonder, to help your child achieve their true potential. 11th July 2016 ,6-8pm,Moat House Hotel, Etruria, Festival Park Superhero Science Are superpowers fact, fiction or feasible in the future? Expore invisibility....

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Sublime Science

Sublime Science Our award-winning, as seen on TV, science team will entertain and amaze. The party will be hands on so every child will have the opportunity to get involved and have fun. 15th October 2016 ,3:30 - 4:45pm,A Star Tutoring, Unit 2 Lyme Vale Court,...

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Set Massive Goals

Goal Setting Seminar 4th April 2015 ,6-8pm,Moat House Hotel, Etruria, Festival Park Set Massive Goals…then go RHINO on them! An evening of entertainment and inspiration, special guest speaker David Hyner wowed us all with his larger than life goal setting seminar....

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