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A Level Mathematics Tuition

Our Expert Maths Team can help your child at this difficult time during their journey, when the pressure is on to hit the target grades for university applications. A level Maths can help your child to get into different careers, and further degree level study.

We cover: Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics.  Also, we cover A level Further Mathematics, for the Maths advanced learners.

We help students to gain the confidence they require to sit the exams and to help overcome any obstacles they may encounter along the way.

See below our recent success student

“Irsalan achieved grade A’s in Mathematics and sciences with the support of A Star Tutoring.”

“We then enrolled him for his first year of A-levels for Chemistry and Mathematics. Irsalan, was finding the A-levels challenging, however his tutors were excellent, and had the expertise and specialism to get the best out of the students. We were delighted with his grades, A* in Chemistry and grade B in Mathematics. He couldn’t have achieved these grades and confidence, had he not been at A Star Tutoring.”

Abid Hussain
Irsalan Hussain, Year 12

A Level Sciences

A level Sciences are more intensive and require a specialist, experienced A level tutor, who can deliver the tutoring for your child.

We run tutoring programmes in the following A level sciences:




To BOOST your child’s grade, we focus on the QUALITY TEACHING of our SPECIALIST STAFF, who will work through the entire syllabus with each learner.

We go deeper into the learning process and ensure that students grasp the knowledge which allows them to apply it appropriately in exam questions.  The demand is far greater, and a disciplined study ethic is required from students to achieve the grades they require for university places.

The difference is, we teach your child the skills, techniques and exam preparation, so that they have a more comfortable journey ahead of them, and have greater confidence to achieve the grades, whereas, without specialist tuition, they would struggle and may miss the grade achievements for their future careers.

Great emphasis is placed on revision, and our tutors work with students to ensure that they are revising on a consistent basis.

We also run practical workshops in science, for students to gain a further understanding in this wide and interesting field of study. Workshops are run throughout the academic year, and you can find further information by contacting us.

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