Boost your Child’s 11+

Prepare Your Child For The 11+ And Help Them Gain The Confidence To Pass Without Worry, or Sleepless Nights!

Are You Concerned about Your Child’s Exams?

You may be a concerned parent, who is ambitious and wants the best possible chance for your child to pass their entrance exams.  

We are here to help.  

Many parents do worry at this stage and it is a big step in their life.  Competition is fierce and only the best prepared students, with determination, hard work and a real focus will stand the best chance of success!

At A-Star, we will help you, get the best out of your child.  With our PROVEN SYSTEM, enthusiastic teachers and materials and assessment procedures.  You will receive regular feedback and quality teaching which provide the very best opportunities for higher grades.

We tailor our academic input to suit each individual learner, in order to allow your child to succeed.

A Star tutoring delivers Private Tuition for the following areas:

  • Mathematics
  • English, Creative Writing And Grammar
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning

Our Programmes cover the following year groups:

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

And we cover 11+/ 12+ and 13+

for both grammar schools and independent schools.

This is for parents who are concerned with their child achieving a recognised score that will help them get into their chosen school.

Some schools have examinations in Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning, whilst other grammar schools and independent schools will have all the above four areas to assess in their examinations.

At A-Star we have specialist tuition programmes to prepare your child for their exams,  and Qualified tutors who are specialists in their Areas of expertise to help your child pass their entrance exams.

“We were so worried, Ali’s Grammar school entrance exams were coming up in English (comprehension), verbal and non-verbal reasoning and mathematics.”

“Ali too was negative and didn’t think he would pass. After speaking with Abdul we felt he understood the problem and felt reassured. A Star did a fantastic job working on Ali’s self-belief and motivation. Ali felt so proud when he passed, A Star have helped Ali to achieve his goal and to believe in himself.”

Basma Rabie
Ali Rabie, Year 5

“A Star have given Harrison the confidence in his own abilities.”

“He is preparing for the St Jospeh’s entrance exam and is no longer struggling through the verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions. No matter how good you think your child is in their ability A Star will have more to offer and bring out in your child.”

Katie Woodward
Harrison Woodward-Sims, Year 5

“Emily received the best preparation for her entrance exam and she really enjoyed attending her sessions.”

We are delighted with the progress she has made and she has so much more confidence now.”

Susan Winder
Emily Winder, Year 5

Scholarship Programme

We prepare children for these tests and focus on achieving Mastery level standard. This is mainly for children who are gifted and talented and are aiming for a high level in their exams, to gain a place in their chosen school.

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