This year’s story writing competition is brought to you by A Star Tutoring in partnership with The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice.

Pupils aged between 7 to 11 years old are invited to take part. The theme is The Fantastic Four Superheroes, a special theme this year, as it coincides with the Donna Louise League of Heroes and the One in a Million launch.

Pupils are invited to create a fictional superhero story, using one of the superhero characters described. First, second and third place prizes available for the best stories. Judges will be looking for the most imaginative and creative stories, and this will be an excellent opportunity for pupils to showcase their written abilities.

This competition provides a fun way to challenge and engage pupils with creative writing and, encourages and inspires them to develop their creative writing talents.

Taking part is simple, just complete the entry form below, write your story in the space provided and click submit.

The deadline is Friday 27th April 2018

Winners will be announced on our blog after this deadline.



  • Must be aged between 7-11 years old
  • 300 words maximum
  • You can use one of our story starter or you may create your own
  • All abilities welcome to take part
  • The weirder and wackier the better!
  • Show off as many writing techniques as you can


Choose one or more of the characters below for your story:

  • Mr. Fantastic (his super power is flexibility)
  • Invisible Woman (her super power is invisibility)
  • The Human Torch (his/her super power is fire)
  • The Thing (s/he is very strong)


Story Starters

You can use on of the below story starters to help you, or you can choose one of you own.


  • “She opened her eyes after a long slumber, she didn’t know where she was…”
  • “In a panic he ran towards the fire…”
  • “She slipped into the room, making sure nobody saw her…”
  • “He started running, and he didn’t look back…”
  • “This was the last time….”

Let the writing begin!

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