As one of our long-standing students, Jay is currently studying Maths, English and Science in Year 9, with a view to his forthcoming GCSE exams.

In tandem with his academic studies at A Star Tutoring, Jay is also carving out a promising career as an actor.

Since the age of six, he has appeared in television commercials and has also had a series of minor roles in film and T.V. soaps.  However, his most recent achievement has been to secure a role in the BBC drama, Man Like Mobeen.

Jay has appeared in all four episodes which have been transmitted to date, with the prospect of further episodes being scheduled over the coming months.  He is studying Drama with his agent, Amanda Andrews, who is working on Jay’s behalf, to promote his talents and to develop his acting profile.

Jay’s overall ambition is to become a successful actor of stage and screen, but he would also like to be involved with the family business, which would develop his entrepreneurial skills, giving him a balanced career of business and creativity.

We wish Jay well with all his future ventures and will watch this space in anticipation, as we follow his career.

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