Attention Concerned Parents

Receive your £97 Gift Certificate!

We would like to give you an incredible FREE GIFT of £97 worth of Private Tutoring in English, Mathematics or Sciences!

At A-Star Tutoring our ethos is to help your child gain the skills, confidence and BOOST their exam grades in Mathematics, English or Sciences.

We focus on develop their life skills and character to succeed in their next part of their life journey. This will make a difference to their future aspirations and will BOOST their confidence levels.

Your child’s ability to write, read and put together a letter, a case study for their career and be able to communicate that to a future employer or deliver a presentation to a panel are essential skills needed in the current global economy.  This will all make a significant difference in what makes your child different and stand out in a competitive market.

We help teach all of those skills through our intensive workshops and events.

Please call team A Star on

01782 619065

Simply complete the form on this page and we will send you in the post, first class, your tutoring Information Package.

    This form will record your name, email address and any other details you have entered so that we may contact you directly to respond to your enquiry. These data will be deleted from our website after 28 days.

This is what your child will receive for their £97 GIFT certificate:

A strategy meeting to identify challenges and grade achievement

Ongoing Assessments and an initial assessment

A Mystery Box

A reading and writing plan

2 FREE Private Tuition lessons – 2 hours

A detailed Homework and skills plan

A reading scheme

And much more!

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Dedicated to inspiring your child to achieve their full potential.

Best wishes, Abdul Rahim Tuition Director

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