Mathematics Tuition

At A Star Tutoring, our philosophy is to make maths fun and exciting.  Not only do we focus on building key maths skills throughout the early ages, but we place a real emphasis on understanding and developing maths problem solving skills.

We try to BOOST learners to achieve above their expected grade in maths, which will develop your child’s skills in mathematics.

We also work with GIFTED AND TALENTED learners, to further enhance their mathematical problem-solving skills.

Maths is a fun-based subject and during half term throughout the year, our maths team deliver creative, fun-based activities, to get your child into mathematics.

Preparation of SATS exams is given high priority, over the course of the year.  We teach the key topics and ensure your child gets plenty of practice of past exam papers.  We also cover in detail the new topics for the new Primary Maths Framework.

Science Tuition

Early Years Development in Science

We make science fun for children in their Primary Stage (6 – 11), and as they progress through their Primary years, they develop scientific confidence, along with a love for the subject!

Making bubbles, working with chemicals, measuring ph and all the practices we deliver, make science enjoyable and fun for your child. Eray wants to become a scientist when he gets older and he loves science!

What skills will my child develop in Science?

Your child can never get enough science learning at school, and therefore, at A Star we deliver Science Practicals, to make it a fun experience.  The development of scientific knowledge is important, and the ability to apply it to problem solving is what we teach children to gain. This really helps to develop your child’s scientific skills and interest later in life, as well as their core competence in science.

English Tuition

At A Star Tutoring, the ethos of our staff is to actively engage with students at this critical time in their academic development, making the creative and analytical elements of English an integral part of their life experiences.

Our students are immersed in a range of activities, both on an individual basis and also as a part of their peer group, which aim to draw on their creative skills and develop their individual confidence and joy of the subject area.

A range of creative writing activities using different stimuli (visual, aural and tactile) help to elicit creativity in an enjoyable and fun way, whilst developing not only their range of lexis and expression, but also each individual’s certainty that they can express themselves in a fluent and worthwhile way.

In addition to all class-based activities, we incorporate homework tasks, which make a fluent link between one week’s activities and the next.

Comprehension skills are taught in tandem with creative skills, in order to develop analytical abilities in Reading tasks.

This makes students aware of the deeper issues which a piece of text comprises.  As such, the technique allows young minds to be inquisitive as to why this text was written, who its intended audience is and therefore what the writer intended, when they produced it.

The essential ingredient which underpins all of the written elements we teach is our great emphasis on reading.
The more your child reads, the more comprehensive their range of vocabulary will become and the more their intellectual abilities will be honed and developed, in order to allow them to pass effortlessly into their next stage of academia.

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