(11-16) GCSE


Mathematics Tuition

At this level, we have our own customised written maths scheme, from Year 7, to Year 11.  We focus of the four main areas of: Number, Algebra, Data and Shape and Space.

Pupils are tutored on an individual level and each learner has their own individual Maths Learning Programme.

We use a variety of teaching and learning strategies, to engage our learners and therefore to develop their maths grades.  We use ITC, textbooks and our own schemes, to engage your child in mathematics.

GCSE Science Tuition

We focus on helping your child to BOOST their grades, whether they are in Year 9, or they are starting their GCSE framework.

We work with each learner, to tailor an individual Science Tutoring Plan.  We engage your child to gain the knowledge and achieve the potential in science exams!

We cover all the exam boards, including: OCR, EDEXCEL and AQA.

We also cater for the more advanced learners, who are focused on achieving grades A and A*. (grade 7 – 9)

We cover the following areas:


Catch up programmes


Grade B Science Booster


Fast track learning

Practical Skills

Advanced Science Development

GCSE English Tuition

At A Star Tutoring, we have a proven record of students achieving the top bands in GCSE English Language and GCSE Literature, with the help of our experienced tutors.

By following a tailor-made programme of study to match each individual’s academic needs, our highly qualified and experienced English specialists will help your child to improve their current standard by at least one grade.

Via our accelerated programme of enhanced tuition contact time, we can further improve this by two grades.

When students are prepared to commit themselves to a structured programme of study, with experienced and dedicated tutors, along with parents who are foresighted enough to ensure the best possible academic outcome for their children, the joint efforts of parent, tutor and child will ultimately result in a career outcome which reflects the financial and professional benefits of success.

A Star Tutoring is the path of your child’s success. Please take advantage of the experience of our dedicated and committed subject staff, to ensure your child’s future.

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