Give Your Child A Boost This Summer

in English, Mathematics and Sciences

Does your child get bored during the holidays, or have you recently been on holiday and were worried that they were spending too much time on their iPhone or iPad?

Are you concerned about them not being productive, or achieving further academic skills?  You see, learning never stops, and from recent research, it was discovered that children who engage in learning throughout the academic year, achieve, on average, higher grades, while improving their current skills, knowledge and achievement to a high level.

At A Star Tutoring, we are here to help your child achieve more out of their summer holidays.  You can relax and go to work, knowing that they are learning and achieving positive results.

For Primary Learners: we offer Maths and English tuition, with an emphasis on creative writing, reading and comprehension and grammar skills.

For Secondary GCSE Learners (11 – 16): we offer tutoring in Maths, English and Sciences, with practical experiments in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.  Students have an opportunity to catch up on any work which they may have missed during the year.

Further development will increase their chances of attaining A and A Star grades!

A Level Tutoring

Has your child not achieved their expected results, or do they need a boost going into their second year?

Help is at hand at A Star to improve grades and to help students to focus on vital learning techniques for examinations.

The following A Level subjects are on offer: English Language, English Literature, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths.

We can boost your child’s A level grades, ready to return to school in September, feeling confident and prepared.

Having invested in the future which your child deserves, you can feel confident that their academic star will be in the ascendant.

For further details please contact Sophie on (01782) 619065 or email

Here is what you will receive:

7 hours of intensive tuition

from 10am till 5pm each day

3 days of intensive tuition in two subjects

Mathematics, English & Sciences

Get ready to implement and get things done!

Specialist tutors on hand to work with your child

Lunch included and much more!

Study Skills Workshops taking place

To help sharpen your child’s revision skills

A-Star Tutoring has a simple formula for BOOSTING your child’s grades

Your child could attend, meet with like minded students, develop their confidence and be tutored by expert tutors, who will guide your child and lead them to success.

During the summer break there will be lots happening: from revision study skills sessions, subject booster programmes in English, mathematics and sciences, targeted exam question answering sessions and tackling tough exam questions to achieve the highest grades.

It’s all happening here at A-Star Tutoring and you don’t want your child to miss out!

Call team A star

on 01782 619065 to book your child’s revision course

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