The government are planning to introduce a new GCSE Grade 10, to increase the standards for more able pupils in English and Mathematics.  The goal posts are being stretched further for the achievement of higher grades, and this also implies that more rigorous standards are being introduced into the GCSE curriculum.

How does this affect parents and what should you do?

Well, one thing you can do is to lay the foundations early in your child’s education during their formative years, so they don’t get left behind with other children in their year group.  The importance of strong foundations in Mathematics is a must for growing your child’s confidence and being able to cope in an ever changing world.  Knowing up to their 12 times tables by heart till end of year 3 and being confident in the four operations in maths is a key skill.  In English it’s extremely important to help your child read early on, and to read more challenging books as they go through their school years.

The government will introduce tougher questions in exams and achieving the highest grades will be more challenging for the less able students. There will be a gap between the higher and lower achievers.  This will no doubt impact on their future life career decisions.

The new grade 10 will be like a new shiny object and the top 5% of students will be targeting to achieve this higher level grade.  Before we know it, there could be the possibility of a new grade 10+, who knows?  The real question is, will your child be prepared for the new changes and will they aim higher to boost their grades?

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