There’s an old saying that, ‘You can’t put on old head on young shoulders.’  Believe me, you can!

In our youth we make mistakes, which the adults around us accept as learning experiences.  These can cover a whole range of bad decisions, from the people we choose to share our free time with, to our attitude towards others.

Whilst we normally outgrow these life choices, the damage they cause is usually minimal, leaving a clear path for us to press ahead and become a fully-rounded, sensible adult.  However, perhaps the most important decisions we make when we are young are those concerning our future.

Often, young people see their more experienced elders in a comic light, i.e. not to be taken seriously.  If only these individuals would be mature enough to activate their ‘sensible’ button and listen to their elders, this could provide them with a whole wealth of guidance and support, which could prove invaluable in the future.

Have a clear focus in life from an early age.  Don’t see college as a career; it’s merely the next step to helping you to attain your ultimate career goal.

You need to prepare and research the ideas you have for your future, to make sure that you are stepping onto the appropriate career path, rather than taking a course in Higher Education that you may not specifically be interested in.

Therefore, you need to have a goal in life.  To do this successfully, you need to focus, research and seek advice from mentors, parents and others around you, who have experienced the realities of living in a competitive world.

In three, five or ten years from now, without these foundation skills, you’re going to struggle, while the world, along with your ambitions, passes you by.

So, make a plan now!  Make no mistake, the road ahead will be tough, but when the moment comes, you will have the strength and clarity to carry out your intentions and to fulfil your dreams!

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