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The New GCSE Grade 10

The government are planning to introduce a new GCSE Grade 10, to increase the standards for more able pupils in English and Mathematics.  The goal posts are being stretched further for the achievement of higher grades, and this also implies that more rigorous...

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Meeting with Dr Stephen

At the annual education conference, I met inspirational speaker, Dr Stephen Curran, who enlightened us all. He particularly focused on the aspect that every child can learn and achieve their higher full potential, and we, as teachers, must not place limitations on...

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Track Sprinting Champion – Raj Thomas

What began as an interest in Track Sprinting, has now become a competitive way of life for Raj. After discovering that he had a talent for the sport two years ago, Raj has built up a reputation second to none in the local athletics community. As a member of City of...

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Exam Tips


Words of Wisdom

There’s an old saying that, ‘You can’t put on old head on young shoulders.’  Believe me, you can! In our youth we make mistakes, which the adults around us accept as learning experiences.  These can cover a whole range of bad decisions, from the people we choose to...

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Why students struggle to get an A, or an A* in English

In an ever-increasingly competitive job market, a prerequisite of getting into a top university and therefore being able to attain your career aspirations, begins with your GCSE and A level results. So many English students demonstrate very good creative and...

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