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“Saba was struggling in maths, she would get frustrated and give up.

After six months of tutoring we were pleasantly surprised with the rapid progress she was making and her achievement of Grade A* was amazing!  We were over the moon. Now Saba is progressing onto sixth form to study Mathematics and Sciences.  We found the service fantastic and it’s the best investment you can put into your child.

We highly recommend A Star Tutoring to serious parents who are ambitious and want their child to achieve the best.”

Akbar Ali Shah, Brookside Autos
Saba Akbar, Year 11

“We found the tutoring from A-Star gave Declan confidence in his ability to achieve his grade C in maths.”

Previously, Declan found it difficult in college and would get nervous.  After 6 months of tutoring he finally achieved his potential.  The tutoring at A-Star was a million times better and we received the reassurance and regular feedback on his progress.

If you are thinking for your child’s future with A-Star – go for it!

Claire Williamson
Declan Coxon, GCSE

“At school Isabella’s grades weren’t as we perhaps thought,

she’s done extra homework and we’ve tried with her too but to be fair since she started to go to A Star she’s really improved.  She went from the bottom of the class to the top sets. It’s worked well. I definitely recommend you get in touch with A Star,

it’s certainly worked for our daughter so I can’t see why it wouldn’t work for other people – it’s been a great help.”

Mike Rostron
Isabella Rostron, Year 6

“I’ve consolidated my knowledge and learnt more on the areas I was struggling with and needed more support on.”

“I think it’s a high quality and standard of tutoring. It’s helped me remember more and focus on what the examiner asks. If your conscious you won’t achieve what you want or think you need to do a little bit more in order to reach a grade it’s a good idea to get some tutoring.”

Daniel Babb, Year 11

“The tutoring has given me an extra boost, in school I’m more confident answering questions.”

“My tutors have been fantastic, they know their stuff and explain the higher topics very well. My results have improved drastically, I achieved all A*’s and A’s in my GCSE’s . I would definitely recommend A Star because it will help you so much like it has helped me!”

Maryam Bibi, Year 11

“Our daughter Sarah was struggling in IGCSE higher tier mathematics at Newcastle under Lyme School.”

“She was achieving a grade D in her year 10 exams.  After 9 months of Tutoring from Abdul and his team she is now achieving grade A’s. We are really pleased with her progress and grade A – Thanks to A Star Tutoring.”

Rob Edge
Sarah Edge, Year 10

“A Star have given Harrison the confidence in his own abilities.”

“He is preparing for the St Jospeh’s entrance exam and is no longer struggling through the verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions. No matter how good you think your child is in their ability A Star will have more to offer and bring out in your child.”

Katie Woodward
Harrison Woodward-Sims, Year 5

“I’ve seen a vast improvement in my grades in some subjects since attending A Star.”

My teachers are very pleased with me and so am I. It’s increased my concentration, I feel I can focus better and I have been enabled to learn more. If you want to go that extra mile it really is worth it.

Alasdair Carter, Year 11

“A Star Tutoring help you by looking at your weaknesses and helping you feel more confident on your work.”

“At school I feel like the teachers don’t really help you, when I have a tutor doing one to ones with me I feel like I actually understand. I’ve gone from C’s and B’s to A’s and B’s.”

Andy Gamage, Year 11

“Lucy’s never really enjoyed her science lessons and has always dreaded that particular class.”

“But since going to A Star – well it’s like listening to a different girl! She’s much more confidence and her tutors explain to her in a way she understands. She’s no longer embarrassed to answer questions at school.”

Julie Ashley
Lucy Ashley, Year 11

“Feizan feels so much more confident at school, and he’s much more focused now.”

“He’s moved up a set in maths and his English teacher has given him some positive feedback too. We are happy and feel A Star are making a big difference to Feizan’s future.

Kalsoom Ali
Feizan Ali, Year 10

“It’s more one to one support so it’s helped me pick things that I’m not exactly getting, and actually nail them.”

“Rather than not being too sure and having a brief overview. I’ve improved and I feel my confidence overall in other subjects too has increased. It’s been such a help, if you’re not understanding you will feel so much better coming here and asking for help, than sitting at home worrying. It’s helped me so much; I doubt I could be doing what I’m doing now without it.

Matthew Knapper, AS

“We are thrilled, Anum achieved 8 Grade A*s at GCSE!”

“Thank you to Abdul and Anum’s tutors for inspiring her to achieve her best, for working with her and motivating her.”

Muzamil Hussain
Anum Hussain, Year 11

“We heard about A Star from other parents and were impressed with how A Star has helped improve many students achieve better.”

“After just 12 months of intense maths tutoring Jasleen achieved a grade A – she exceeded our expectations. The homework she was given combined with the good quality teaching and environment all helped. We are now telling other parents how well A Star worked for our daughter.”

Sonia Bhasin
Jasleen Bhasin, Year 11

“Sam plays for Stoke City Football Club in the under 21’s team.”

“With his busy training schedule, studying for his A Level’s became quite a challenge. We contacted Abdul and we are happy we did. Lessons were fitted around Sam’s training and his tutors kept him focused and on task. We were happy with the professional service we received and delighted with Sam’s Grade B in A Level Mathematics.”

Greg Briggs (Stoke City)
Sam Coulson, A Level

“We have twin boys Alonso and Mauricio, they both needed to improve their written and verbal reasoning to pass the entrance exam for Denstone boarding school.”

“We are grateful to Abdul and his team for getting the boys through the exam and for getting them to actually enjoy learning.”

Mrs Stimpson
Alonso and Mauricio, Year 9

“I was so disappointed after I received my first year A Level results and knew I needed to do better to study pharmacy at university.”

“A Star already helped me during my GCSE’s so I spoke to my parents about going back. I am so happy I did! My tutors were fantastic and I was making progress. I went from a grade D to a grade B and I was actually enjoying learning. I’m now studying pharmacy at Keele and so grateful to Abdul and the team.”

Kainat Naeem, A Level

“Although Azam worked hard at school, he wasn’t achieving anything higher than a C grade.”

“During our meeting with Abdul we discussed this and looked at a plan for Azam moving forward. Azam attended A Star twice a week for 12 months. We were delighted our investment paid off – Azam achieved grade A’s!”

Dr Niazi,
Azam Niazi, Year 11

“We are delighted with Zoe’s SATs results.”

“We have been amazed at the progress Zoe has made after just 6 months at A Star Tutoring. The teaching was excellent, Abdul and the team are brilliant and we were very pleased with the service we received!

Judith Bailey Zoe Bailey, Year 5

“My daughter Emma was struggling at school in maths and science.”

“Since sending her to A Star Tutoring we have seen a big improvement, teachers have noticed that she is more independent in the classroom. She achieved above the grade that was expected and A Star were instrumental in making that happen.”

Christina Gascoyne
Emma Gascoyne, Year 11

“Samina studied A Levels at Newcastle Under Lyme School.”

“Although she was doing well she wasn’t getting the high grades she needed for her university course. We called A Star Tutoring for help, and we are so happy we did! Samina’s A Level tutors guided her through the A Level subjects and supported her through the more difficult topics and exam questions. Samina achieved the grades she needed (A, B, B) and is now studying at Leicester University.”

Duraya Bana
Samina Bana, A Level

“James was doing well at school but needed some extra support to get him through his GCSE exams.”

“We enrolled James on to the platinum tutoring programme. Very, very quickly we noticed improvements. James connected really well with his tutors, they were enthusiastic and believed in him and this really helped him to achieve. We have already recommended A Star Tutoring to family and friends.”

Della Hoskins
James Hoskins, Year 11

“Sanaa has made excellent progress; she’s now achieving high level 6’s in English, Mathematics and Science.”

“The new GCSE framework is going to be hard and we want to ensure Sanaa is well prepared. We would certainly recommend A Star to other parents, two of our children attend and we’ve seen the difference.”

Aisha Rasool
Sanaa Rasool, Year 9

“Our son attends an independent school and we were looking for a tutoring company that would deliver an exceptional programme which coincides with his independent school curriculum.”

“Kamiye attends mathematics and English sessions at A Star Tutoring, and he is growing in confidence week by week. In a recent class test he came top, we are so pleased with the progress he’s making.

Tolu Odebade

Kamiye Odebade, Year 4

“We were so worried, Ali’s Grammar school entrance exams were coming up in English (comprehension), verbal and non-verbal reasoning and mathematics.”

“Ali too was negative and didn’t think he would pass. After speaking with Abdul we felt he understood the problem and felt reassured. A Star did a fantastic job working on Ali’s self-belief and motivation. Ali felt so proud when he passed, A Star have helped Ali to achieve his goal and to believe in himself.”

Basma Rabie
Ali Rabie, Year 5

“Emily received the best preparation for her entrance exam and she really enjoyed attending her sessions.”

We are delighted with the progress she has made and she has so much more confidence now.”

Susan Winder
Emily Winder, Year 5

“Ethan was making really good progress so we decided to enter him for the 11+ entrance exam.”

“Abdul was brilliant, and we are impressed with the high quality of service we received. Ethan passed the entrance exam and we were ecstatic. They are the experts!”

Manjinder Grewal
Ethan Singh, Year 6

“We were over the moon with Aimee’s A Level Results!”

“She enjoyed the one to one and really excelled with her chemistry and mathematics tutors.”

Mrs Knapper
Aimee Knapper, A Level

“Before he started Ismaeel could barely write a sentence, now he can write a lot more and he enjoys writing.”

“Before he started Ismaeel could barely write a sentence, now he can write a lot more and he enjoys writing.

Aisha Rasool
Ismaeel Rasool, Year 7

“Our daughter Nikki, was doing well at school, but we felt that she was capable of achieving higher grades at GCSE.”

“She enjoyed attending her sessions and looked forward to them. With the support of A Star, Nikki achieved grade A’s and B’s in her GCSE Mathematics and Sciences.  I would definitely recommend the service to other parents.”

Mr Zandian
Nikki Zandian, Year 11

“We found the tutoring from A-Star, allowed our son Mustafa to become an independent learner and pass the Newcastle school entrance exams with confidence!”

“The tutoring really helped our son to become more independent and confident with the different subject areas.  His confidence increased week to week and we could not of got through this exam without the help of Abdul, Amanda and Kelvin.  We really thank the team and would recommend any parent who is thinking of entrance exams for their child.”

Dr Iqbal
Mustafa Iqbal, Year 6

“Irsalan achieved grade A’s in Mathematics and sciences with the support of A Star Tutoring.”

“We then enrolled him for his first year of A-levels for Chemistry and Mathematics. Irsalan, was finding the A-levels challenging, however his tutors were excellent, and had the expertise and specialism to get the best out of the students. We were delighted with his grades, A* in Chemistry and grade B in Mathematics.  He couldn’t have achieved these grades and confidence, had he not been at A Star Tutoring.”

Abid Hussain
Irsalan Hussain, Year 12

Halimah really enjoyed her learning at A Star Tutoring and we feel it has most definitely helped her to achieve grade A’s and A*s in her GCSE Mathematics and Science.

“She would not have been as confident when it came to the pressure of taking her final exams, if she hadn’t had the extra support. We would encourage parents to send their child to A Star to achieve the best grades.”

Abda Riaz
Halimah Riaz, Year 11

“Our daughter joined A-Star Tutoring in year 11, and she was achieving grade D’s at the beginning.  After a few months of tutoring her grades in English, Mathematics and Sciences improved drastically, and she was beginning to feel more confident.”

“It was a struggle, but thanks to the excellent teaching at A Star our daughter came out with A’s and B’s!  The tutors really helped her to gain focus and clarity in her education, we felt she would not have achieved so well, had it not been for Mr Abdul and his team.  If you are serious about your child’s education, then send them to A Star they will get the best out of your child.

Dr Anna
Ayesha Balogun

“We are so proud of our daughter, Aqsa, not only has she achieved exceptional grades across all subjects at GCSE but she’s also attained a Grade 9 in her GCSE English language exams – the top 20% in the country!”

“She couldn’t have achieved this without the support of Abdul and his team at A Star. Over the past 5 years they have worked with Aqsa, on the platinum tutoring programme, and helped her to believe in herself, and given her the confidence to aim high and believe she can achieve. A big thank you to Abdul, and all the great tutors at A Star Tutoring.”

Mrs Ahmed
Aqsa Ahmed, Year 11

“After achieving grades, we were not expecting after Sammie’s first year at A Level, we enrolled Sammie at A-Star Tutoring.

“Sammie started on A Level mathematics and chemistry programmes. We were unsure at the beginning, but after a few months, I noticed my daughters A Level grades were improving. We were over the moon when the results arrived, she had achieved B grades in both subjects.  We felt that she couldn’t have done it without the help of Abdul and his Science team.  Sammie is now studying Cancer medicine at Bristol University.  If your child is doing A-levels, we cannot recommend A-Star Tutoring highly enough.”

Tracey Terry
Sammie Terry, Year 13

“We were thinking of home schooling for Heidi, we found A-Star Tutoring.  From the first moment we met Abdul and his team, we knew in our hearts that this was the right place.

Heidi was tutored in IGCSE English Language and IGCSE English Literature. We entered to take the exams and Heidi enjoyed attending the lessons.

Her tutor Kelvin was brilliant!  And we couldn’t have asked for anymore.  He connected with her and gave her so much confidence.  He bonded with her and set the right expectations from the start.  Kelvin’s interest was acting and as our daughter wants to pursue a career in acting this was just the icing on the cake.  Our daughter was inspired by A-Star tutoring and they know how to get the best out of your child. Heidi took the exams early in January 2018, and in the last few months her grades just went up and when we received the results- they were two A*s!”

Fleur Sctott
Heidi Ralph Stott

“We were delighted with the tutoring from team A-Star.

The tutors were excellent, they really understood our daughters learning needs. Lisa needed to achieve high grades in GCSE English Literature and English Language. In order to purse a career in Medicine. Kelvin and Steve her tutors were outstanding, we feel she could not have achieved these grades without the help from A-Star tutoring. In the end results were second to none and she achieved grades A’s!’  “

Helen Wu
Lisa Zhao

“Before Tarren started the programme he was achieving grade 4’s in Maths and Science.

With the help of A Star, he was gaining extra knowledge and had specialist tutors on hand to help him and secure his knowledge, which as a result increased his confidence.  In his final GCSE results Tarren achieved Grade 6’s.  We were very pleased with his results, the investment in his Tutoring programme gave us the return. We shall definitely recommend A Star Tutoring to other parents.”

Tina and Rav Aujla

“The A Star team were very helpful and successful in bringing him on and instilling confidence in him

When we started the programme in November, Abdullah was on a Grade 5 in Mathematics.  He was finding it difficult to achieve anything above a Grade 5. The A Star team were very helpful and successful in bringing him on and instilling confidence in him, for him to achieve.  Overall, he achieved a Grade 7, we were shocked! Our investment gave us a huge return and thank you to A-Star Tutoring.”

Owais Siddique

“The support we received from A Star was Amazing – we were in tears on results Day!

Rmesha was on a grade D in GCSE Chemistry and after 9 months of Tutoring from A Star, she achieved a grade 7 (grade A) and A*s in Biology and Physics.  The support we received from the science team was outstanding and now we are back for her A-levels. A big thank you to the team at A Star Tutoring!”

Shaista Maroof

“It was amazing, in 30 weeks of tutoring how our son Aftab went up three grades.

We were so happy with the outcome in his GCSE grades.  We have already been recommending A Star Tutoring to other parents.  The Tuition Programme was well structured and was catered for Aftab’s individual needs.  He feels much happier and what a great relief!  Thank you to A Star Tutoring for all the help and support we received.”

Gulftar Bi

“When we started the A Star programme Azad was achieving grade 3’s.  After the fast track tutoring from the team, he achieved grade 5’s in English, Mathematics and Science.

He did tremendously well with his grades considering he started late.  The support our son received was first class, the tutors were very supportive and went out of their way to tutor and provide all the help he needed.  We are now back at A Star for A level Tutoring.  A big thank you to all the team.  We could not have done this without the support from team A Star.”

Mohammad Azad

“When we started A Star Tutoring, Jesse was achieving a grade 3 in Science.

After six months of tutoring from A Star she achieved grade 6’s in science.  The help and support we received from A Star was excellent.  We feel Jesse would not have achieved these grades without the help of Abdul and the Science team.  The Science teaching was excellent, and she just understood the work!”

Tracey Possente

“Mutsa achieved grade 7’s in Science and a 6 in Maths.

She received the one to one that gave her the confidence to go the extra mile.  She felt better and was more confident in preparation for the exam.  We were delighted with the outcome and would recommend A Star to other parents.”

Dr Munyanyi

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