We are delighted to announce that A Star Tutoring has relocated to a much more central base in Berkeley Court, Newcastle.

The location is much more suited to Newcastle town centre, which we feel will be far more accessible, both for students and parents alike.

The new premises are situated in the same block as the Blue Chilli Restaurant, which is within easy reach of the Public Library and the Jubilee Swimming Baths.

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver a high standard of education to our students, our ethos is to improve Teaching and Learning further, in order to accommodate the new and more difficult GCSE and A level syllabuses which the government have now introduced.  As this has the potential to affect examination grades, we feel that more communication between students and parents, regarding their studies, would be a positive move forward.

We appreciate that by providing your child with the gift of private education is a wonderful way to increase their career prospects.  We also feel that a positive commitment by parents would greatly augment this process, thereby creating an inclusive involvement of student, parents and tutoring staff in an all-round, holistic approach to your child’s studies and ultimate success.

We therefore look forward to a continued and even closer relationship with parents in our new building, where we anticipate exciting times ahead!

Thank you for your continued support in A Star Tutoring.

Your child’s future is safe in our hands!

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