It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the GCSE success of Heidi Rolph-Stott.

Over the space of just six months, Heidi has studied the International GCSE courses in both English Language and English Literature, and has attained an A* grade in each of these subjects.

Heidi has the most incredible work ethic, which means that she has applied herself to her studies in a totally committed and conscientious way.

Whilst having a natural talent for English, she has nonetheless worked relentlessly throughout her time at A Star Tutoring, in order to achieve the very best results which her talents would provide.

In addition to her academic success, Heidi is also an established actress, with a number of stage and screen appearances to her credit.  She has an agent, who is helping to raise her profile, and to procure further assignments for her in this field of work.

We wish Heidi every future success and look forward to her ‘big break’ in television.

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